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Principal Pollster JD Johannes began using polling data in 2002 while managing a statewide political campaign. Through the years of managing electoral and issue campaigns, Johannes became dissatisfied with the data from established firms because they rarely provided clear vector data for strategic decision making. In 2008 he initiated his first customer modeling projects for his own direct marketing products and began initial methodology testing and shadow polling of political races.

The breakout came in 2012 when technology caught up with Johannes’ methodologies, allowing polling by variables that went beyond the basic demographics used by most pollsters at a price point small and medium sized campaigns could afford.

Johannes’ record in the 2012 elections using the new paradigm was 19 wins, 7 losses.

Johannes has conducted election polls and/or voter data analysis for U.S. Senator Pat Roberts (R-KS), U.S. Rep. Steve Russell, (R-OK5), Americas PAC, Kansas Chamber of Commerce, Governor Sam Brownback, and multiple state legislative races in Kansas and Oklahoma.


JD Johannes, Principal Pollster: Johannes has worked as a Television News Producer, U.S. Senate Staffer, Special Advisor in the Office of the Kansas Attorney General and documentary filmmaker.  As a young man he served in the United States Marine Corps.  From 2005-2013 he made 10 trips to Iraq and Afghanistan where he was a contractor performing Combat Studies & Observation Group research and also filed reports for National Review and TIME.  Johannes has also been an international election observer for the International Republican Institute and lectured on Information Operations at the Naval Postgraduate School.

David Chavarria : David has worked in the web development, film and multimedia production, marketing, and IT fields. He currently works out of his office in North Central Kansas providing online marketing and web development services.