Moran Leads Pompeo in Hypothetical Matchup

By JD Johannes, Principal Pollster

In a statewide scientific telephone poll of likely Republican Primary voters conducted by Freestate Poll, Jerry Moran leads Mike Pompeo in a hypothetical US Senate primary by double digits.

Moran 43.6%
Pompeo 21.8%
Not Sure 34.5%
N=559 Likely Republican Primary Voters

Commentary & Analysis

Following news reports from last week that Pompeo had not ruled out a run for US Senate, Freestate Poll tacked on a question about a hypothetical Moran/Pompeo contest onto a pre-scheduled statewide poll.
The positions of Moran/Pompeo come close to matching the polling of the 2014 Republican Senate Primary between Pat Roberts and Milton Wolfe.

Mike Pompeo, as a sitting member of Congress and former GOP National Committeeman, could build out a much stronger campaign than Wolfe did in 2014.


N= 559 Likely GOP Primary Voters
Date: April 6-7, 2016
Phone Mode: IVR
Weighting: Proprietary Model Score


Principal Pollster JD Johannes is a Republican who has worked for Republican candidates and free market causes. He has supported Moran and Pompeo in previous elections but neither has been a client.